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+ Craig Schabel   
licensed in California 

Located in Los Angeles, our studio is dedicated to the thoughtful creation of custom residential designs. We value a collaborative process, closely working with homeowners to transform their visions into reality. Our approach goes beyond merely creating spaces; we strive to provide solutions that truly fit the rhythm of everyday life. Each project is a journey, guided by ideas, embracing a variety of styles, and respectful of its setting. Ultimately, our work aims to reflect the personalities and dreams of our clients, alongside our own dedication as designers.



Leading our efforts is Craig, an architect with 17 years of experience in residential design. His deep knowledge of architectural systems and form-making is paired with a commitment to understanding and incorporating the lifestyles, hopes, and values of our clients. Craig's background in fine art influences his approach to architecture, driving his desire to create spaces that narrate and amplify the stories of those who live within them. His goal is to develop straightforward, yet meaningful design solutions that integrate nature with the built environment, inspiring our clients to explore beyond traditional confines for a truly personalized living experience.

Craig’s approach to design is characterized by a unique aesthetic sensibility, thoughtful and deliberate, celebrating the distinctiveness of each project. Before founding his own studio, Craig developed his skills and vision through a variety of residential projects, from California's varied terrains to the tranquility of Maine. His early career, enriched by his studies at the University of Southern California (USC), laid a solid foundation in traditional architectural design. Working at respected firms such as Norelius Studio and RIOS, Craig played a key role in pushing the boundaries of design, encouraging clients to imagine more than the ordinary. His dedication to clean modernism and sustainable design practices balances innovation with timeless elegance.

Craig’s educational path, which took him from Ohio State University and Bowling Green State University to a graduate degree in architecture from USC, has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of architectural principles, fueling his passion and creativity in every project.

Our studio is more than just a team of designers; we see ourselves as partners in bringing unique visions to life, dedicated to crafting spaces that resonate deeply with the people who inhabit them. We invite you to work with us in turning your dream into a living space that is not merely a house, but a place to truly flourish.

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